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2014 Recap

I thank the Lord for 2014 being my favorite year in the practice. Mercedes continues to do an excellent job and is the capstone. Kristen has been doing well, and she has taken a lot of extra burden away from me. We also brought Cynthia in to help with the back load of work.

We have seen an increase in patients and provided many services to the top of my training. For example, we picked up a choroidal melanoma (retinal cancer), a retinal tear, successfully  treated epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (probably the same infection Bob Costas had at the Olympics),treated glaucoma and iritis, performed punctal occlusion for dry eye, and I have treated many industrial accidents, for such things as corneal rust ring, metallic foreign body, and chemical burns. See our office Facebook page for examples. In addition, we continue to fit many types of contact lenses, including multi-focal and toric soft contact lenses.

We added a new sign to the reception area with our logo and new ceiling lights. Next year we plan to upgrade the floors and add a computerized lens measurer for fitting progressive and single vision lenses. We thank you, our patient, for your continued support and faithfulness.


John J. Riggs, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Diplomate,  American Board of Optometry


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