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Red or Painful Eyes

I recently saw a former patient who was seen a year ago and she told me that she had iritis in the past year treated by another eye doctor through her HMO. Right away I asked why she didn’t come here. And she said she did not know that I treated iritis. It turns out that she had Primary Eyecare through VSP and she could have come here for less than what she paid with her HMO. We treat virtually every red or painful eye not related to surgery.

I have treated many cases of iritis, corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis (pink eye), nasolacrimal duct obstructions, hordeolae (styes), chalaziae, herpes of the eye, and glaucoma. We also have in-house lab testing because we are a CLIA approved lab, so we can do lab tests for dry eye and viral conjunctivitis.  Most offices don’t have this capability because they are not a CLIA approved lab. I am writing this to let my patients know that if you have red eyes, pain, dry eyes, or ocular trauma like a corneal foreign body or chemical burn, please call us first. If we are closed, my cell phone is (760) 807-3937.


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