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Signing Into Our Online Store

Recently we had a patient call saying he had difficulty signing into our online store. Here are instructions. Hope this helps.

SIGN IN page- This goes to the SIGN IN page for the practice's store.

  • USERNAME-The temporary Username from the Welcome E-Mail automatically populates the field.
  • PASSWORD-Copy and past the temporary password from the Welcome E-Mail
  • Click the "SIGN IN" button.

CHANGE PASSWORD page-Once the patient logs in, the temporary password will expire, and they will be taken to another page to create their own unique password.

  • New Password- Enter a NEW unique Password. All passwords are fully encrypted to ensure the privacy of the patient.
  • Confirm New Password- Enter that same NEW unique Password.
  • Click on the "CONTINUE" button.

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR EMAIL page- After entering the new Password, the patient will be taken to a page to enter their own E-Mail address.

  • New Email- Enter patient E-Mail address.
  • This will be the patient's NEW username for Login.
  • It will be used for future patient communication from MyEyeStore.
  • Click the "CONTINUE" button.

Practice Online Store

  • The patient will be logged into the practice's online store.
  • If the patient does NOT have a prescription on file, they will land on the Home Page of the practice's store.
  • If the patient DOES have a prescription on file, they will land in the "MY PRODUCTS" area of the store.