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We treat all ages.

The little one escaped from the exam room during an Infantsee exam.

Snowflake Cataract

Snowflake cataract.jpeg
IMG 2072

Myopic Maculopathy

Patterson_Gayle_OD_6381_1_rgb scaled



Macular Edema from Papilledema

Christopher Ohlin_Julianne__861_Raster_OD_2023 04 19_17 28 09_F_1997 07 07_12

Early Glaucoma VF

IMG_1199 e1685120929401

Herpes Simplex Keratitis

Herpes simplex keratitis

CRT Lens

CRT lens

Dry Macular Degeneration

Griffin_Frank_OS_2880_1_rgb scaled


iritis flare

Choroidal Melanoma

choroidal melanoma scaled

Corneal Foreign Body

corneal foreign body

3D View of a Macular Hole

73C385CA F5F6 423B 9309 28D9434D6D6F scaled

Cement In Eye

IMG_1600 scaled

Posterior Synechiae


Retinal Tear Sealed by Laser

retinal hole laser tx 2022 10 31T16_49_31Z eidon_03583 right 11 visible 2022 10 31T16_49_31Z 2022 11 22T14_35_16Z mosaic UWF scaled

Retinal Vasculitis

Retinal vasculitis. Uwe 2022 11 11T15_42_38Z eidon_03583 right 0 visible 2022 11 11T15_43_06Z 2022 11 22T14_29_30Z image UWF scaled

Normal Ultra Wide Field Retina

Riggs Nancy 2022 05 27T11_26_02Z eidon_03583 left 11 visible 2022 05 27T11_26_02Z 2022 05 31T12_33_43Z mosaic UWF scaled

Vitreomacular Traction

Vitreo Macular traction

OCTA (x-ray of the eye)

Riggs_John__155_HD Angio Retina_OS_2021 02 12_13 16 16_M_1956 01 27_QuickVue

B Scan Retinal Detachment

RD on B scan scaled

B Scan Ultrasonography

FE524A85 7CBD 4BD2 84D7 41520606F95C scaled

IC200 Tonometer

IC 200

iCare Home Tonometer


Eidon UWF Camera

Eidon image

Optovue Avanti OCTA gif maker



Humphrey VF Analyzer

1A706A26 3F20 4FEA 9987 339D2E5E6342 scaled