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…You should come here!

My family has been with Dr. Riggs since 2017/18. I'd like to start that he saved my life and found a brain tumor and if it wouldn't be for him I would have not been here to give this review! His assistants have always been kind and very sweet. I like that they are knowledgeable in more than just sitting behind a desk. They were able to measure my eye pressure and do the routine test for the doctor before seeing him. In addition, I like that they are always on time. This is the only office I make an effort to be on time because I know Dr. Riggs will take his time to give a thoroughly exam and see things others just don't want to look at.

Dr. Riggs examined my son in 2017 of less than one year and was able to determine that he needed glasses. He now wears his glasses full time & loves them!

In 2022, I had blurry vision and assumed I needed new glasses but Dr. Riggs looked into it and did some extra tests and after one hour he suggested an MRI and blood work asap. Something my ophthalmologist should have seen if paid attention. I followed Dr. Riggs suggestions and ended up having lifesaving surgery only 1 1/2 month after seeing him. If you need someone who really will make sure you get the best care, you should come here!

- DonMia F. - Yelp